MIR 2022
MIR 2022 - Regulations
Molinella (BO) - 1/2 October 2022

The following rules are needed to insure safety on the field and smooth operationd along the meeting. Please follow these rules without exceptions and help us avoid misunderstandings and embarassing situations. It goes without saying that only rockets in full compliance with NAR/Tripoli safety code will be allowed to fly at MIR.

The ruling authority on the field is the Range Safety Officer, which will be under the last tent before the launch area. His duty is to insure safe operations at the meeting and he could not give authorization to fly to any rocket anytime.

Spectators must stay behind the safety line. At no time a spectator can stay within the launch area during launches. Only authorized photographers are allowed to stay within the launch area.

1. Arriving at the field.

  • Park your car in the parking area beside the space assigned to us. Place your equipment, table and tent on the field, aligned with others. Please do not leave your car along the dirt road as it will block the road.
  • We cannot provide tables or shades. Please bring your own. It is not allowed to place your equipment, your rockets or assemble them on the Reception and Organization/RSO tables, or under their tents.
  • Check-in at the Reception (if you didn't online). You will be given a badge to wear during your stay and some launch cards.
  • Prepare your rockets and have fun!

2. Pre-launch procedure.

When you have your rocket ready you will:

  • Test the ignitor with an appropriate tester (0,5-2 ohm). Prepare a second ignitor as a replacement.
  • Fill the launch card completely. You can DOWNLOAD THE CARD here
  • Present your rocket to the RSO.

If your rockets falls into one of the following categories:

Custom made
High Power
Modified Kit
Fantasy or special

you will have to provide a computer print or other proof of the CP position.

Ignitors of High Power motors must be inserted only when the rocket is on the pad.

When you are at LCO place, please wait your turn to launch.


3. Garbage
Trash bins are available on the fieldfor different kind of trash. Please respect the correct types. Remember we are guests on a private estate. Collect all the garbage and debris into the plastic bag, and throw it away at the end of the day. Please do not leave any trash on the field.

General safety rules

Tripoli Safety Code is in place, however:

  • Do not smoke in the preparation area
  • Pay attention to any launch, mainly to those of HPR rockets. Be ready to move fast if needed (a falling rocket).
  • Follow the messages over the loudspeaker. We will translate the main messages in english but be always ready to pay particular attention when you listen to the word "HEADS UP".
  • Please refrain from drinking alcohol.