Launch sites
Our launch fields

Starting from Summer 2020 our new launch field is on the Molinella Airfield (Via Madonna Bottarda, 1 - 40062 Molinella, Bologna). The airfield is operated by a skydiving school, we have a space reserved for our equipment and for launches.

The space available for recovery is wide and the airfield is equipped with many useful services: restaurant/bar, restrooms with showers, space for relax and even a small beach with umbrellas.

The field has a permanent NOTAM up to 14,000 ft (4500 m!)

Our annual meeting MIR will be held on this field.

Aviosuperficie di Molinella


You can have a wonderful launch day or weekend in a friendly atmosphere, with many interesting places to visit (Firenze is only 150 Km away) and good weather for a big part of the year. These are good reasons to come with your family for a wonderful rocket vacation!


  • Launch rods (3,4, 5, 6 mm) and standard rails (180 cm e 240 cm)
  • Multi pad launch controller (up to 16 pads)
  • Wide area for launch of any kind of rocket, from 1/4A to HPR
  • Bar
  • Toilets
  • Parking
  • Motors, kits and accessories can be purchased on site (prior notice required)
  • TRA/NAR safety code is applied.

Everybody is welcome to our launches! We start at about 10,30 AM and we stop at sunset.

For any information: Please let us know if you are going to have lunch at the field restaurant. We warmly suggest to have it!

We strongly suggest you to check before coming, even more important in case of uncertain weather, with the following systems:

- Ph. 338 4582623 - Always available and from 8,00 AM the same launch day.
- E-mail: