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"Aia Cavicchio" - Radiotelescope of Medicina
Via Fiorentina n. 3403 - 40059 Fiorentina di Medicina (Bo)

Website of Aia Cavicchio
Website of Radiotelescope

Starting from 2009 we have a new, very large (400 hectars) field where launche are possible even with relatively strong winds.
The field is in the same estate where the Radiotelescope is placed, there are plenty of road signs leading to it from the sorroundings.

A NOTAM up to 1500 mt is available on the field during all launch meetings.

Our annual meeting MIR will be held on this field.

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From Bologna: take the road Statale 253 (via San Vitale) directionRavenna (exit 11 of Bologna "Tangenziale" - peripheral). Follow the road for about 20 Km. Turn left after 1 km from the small village of “Frazione Fossatone”, at the first crossing with signs "Fiorentina" and "Radio Telescopi". Turn right after about 4,5 Km direction to " Centro Visite" and "Radio Telescopi".

From Rimini-Imola: exit at Castel S.Pietro on motorway A14 then to Medicina. Turn left on Statale 253 (via San Vitale) direction Bologna. Turn right after about 3 Km, at the crossing with signs "Fiorentina" and "Radio Telescopi". Turn right after about 4,5 Km direction to " Centro Visite" and "Radio Telescopi".

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Location of the field
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Aviosuperficie Volo Club - Via dell'Olmo, 2501 - Villa Fontana di Medicina (BO)

The field we launched from until 2008 is not far from Medicina. We use it as an alternative to the main field. The site is large, the area available for recovery is 1400 mt x 1000 mt. Parking is available and it easily accessible.


You can have a wonderful launch day or weekend in a friendly atmosphere, with many interesting places to visit (Firenze is only 150 Km away) and good weather for a big part of the year. These are good reasons to come with your family for a wonderful rocket vacation!


  • Launch rods (3,4, 5, 6 mm) and standard rails (180 cm e 240 cm)
  • Multi pad launch controller (up to 16 pads)
  • Wide area for launch of any kind of rocket, from 1/4A to HPR
  • Good restaurant
  • Bar
  • Toilets
  • Parking
  • Motors, kits and accessories can be purchased on site (prior notice required)
  • Camping allowed prior request for motorhomes or tents
  • TRA/NAR safety code is applied.
  • No fees!

Everybody is welcome to our launches! We start at about 10,30 AM and we stop at sunset.

For any information: Please let us know if you are going to have lunch at the field restaurant. We warmly suggest to have it!

We strongly suggest you to check before coming, even more important in case of uncertain weather, with the following systems:

- Ph. 338 4582623 - Always available and from 7,30 AM the same launch day.
- E-mail:
- Fort those who uses skype: vygeracme

How to get to Villa Fontana

A1 motorway direction Ancona - Exit Padova/Bologna Interporto - You will be following a long straight road - After a few kilometers you will find an indication to the right for Bologna Interporto. Follow it until the toll station - Follow directions to Budrio immediately after - You will arrive at the only traffic light along the road, turn left at the light (direction Molinella, Medicina - see picture 4) - Always follow the road, there are many curves but do not leave the main road - Disregard the indication to Budrio immediately before a bridge, go straight ahead. Keep looking left, when you see a small airplane parked on the grass, with a sign "Ristorante Le Aquile", you have arrived at the field.

The picture sequence below shows how to reach the field. You can click on the pictures to enlarge and print them.

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Every year our friends of SpainRocketry have a nice meeting (SRM) on their fantastic field. The airport lays in the middle of a huge flatland and it is almost comparable with american launchsites. It is situated in the vicinity of Lerida, 160 Km from Barcelona

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Aerial views

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As can be seen in the pictures, this place is so big that any rocket launch is possible. It is the ideal place for those high altitude rockets which cannot be launched in other european fields. The field is a wild, uncultivated area, with no obstacles of any kind for kilometers. Recovery of model is very easy even for those landed at great distance.

The weather is obviously very good in summer, with temperature over 40 degrees centigrade and very dry. A protection against the sun is mandatory.

The field is close to many recreational areas and famous resorts. Barcelona and many good beaches are 160 Km away, scenic valleys on the Pirineos are not far and can be reached on your way from your country to Barcelona and back.

The same launch equipment used at Aerdelta is used in Spain as well. On the field there are:

  • Toilets
  • Parking (shaded)
  • Camping allowed with tents or motorhomes (prior request needed)
  • Maximum height allowed: 3000 meters.
  • TRA/NAR safety code is applied.
  • No fees!

The weather in Lleida

Flyers from abroad are welcome!

A friendly atmosphere, many interesting places to visit and cheap prices are among the good reason to come with your family for a wonderful rocket vacation!

Lleida is easy to reach by motorway from any country in Europe. You may have to plan a one-night stop along your way to Lleida, depending on which part of Europe you are coming from.

For any additional information please contact the organizer (Josè Luis Cortijos) who writes and speaks english.

Other info can be seen on Spain Rocketry site (Spanish language only)